The perfect chain length for your necklace

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April 10, 2020

Since time immemorial, necklaces have been used as an expression of the self. The concept of necklaces have travelled from the earliest ones made of fish bones, found in the caves of Monaco, to shells, clay and assorted pieces of metals in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and India.

As the cultural contexts evolved, so did the ways in which both women and men adorned their necks. The length of the necklace varies according to the fabric, the outfit and the occasions.

W adornments is a collection of handmade necklaces that uses jute, cowries, precious and semi-precious stones, beads, silk, satin and so on, for varying the lengths of the centerpieces

We have listed down for you the universal chain lengths that look great with certain face cuts, dress neckline, overall outfit and the occasion.

Let the Woman help you choose the perfect necklace to pair with your outfit.


The choker is close against base of neck. This length looks great with a wide array of clothing. Should work especially well with off the shoulder, crew and boat necklines.

Princess or Standard

Princess necklaces sit on the collarbone. This is the most commonly purchased length. It will look flattering on most women and work well with most outfits. If the necklace has a pendant which forms a V-type shape then it's likely to look great with a v-neck, surplice or sweetheart neckline.


This length is between the collarbone and the bust.
Looks great with a wide array of outfits, including business or casual wear. This length will work especially well over collared shirts and also higher necklines. If you are tall or have a larger neck then try this length as your go-to size rather than the princess length.


The length goes up to the bust or several centimetres below
Opera works really well for most high necklines - including turtle necks and boat necks. It's an elegant choice for evening wear. Depending on the length and your build you may also be able to wear an opera length wrapped around your neck more than once to form a double stranded collar or choker.

Lariat or Rope

A lariat or rope is longer than opera size. It can be wrapped to create a dual necklace around the bust, or hang down to the naval.

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