The women behind

Aparajita Roy

Creativity is a very human quality, and we refuse to give away this attribute to the machines (AI). by Woman stands on this bedrock. We are on a mission to preserve the heritage of the handmade while building a network of Indian women artists who are talented in any form of handmade art. We are aware of the challenges artists face, especially gifted women who’re concealed, living normal everyday lives and their art goes unseen. We are here for them.


We pick out these exceptionally creative women artists and provide them our platform where they can showcase their artwork in a beautiful and desired manner. We retain their authenticity, highlight their artwork's storyline, and attach marketability with expert guidance and our understanding of the industry. I welcome you to the world of art inspired by Woman.

Nandini Roy
Chief Coordinator

You can have god-given talent and yet find it difficult to make your mark. As an artist I can empathize with the hurdles we women face in this competitive arena. by Woman helps by ensuring talent is recognized and enables the world to see what we see in these gifted women. Handmade art is our passion and our sincere pleasure lies in seeing how our truly supportive environment is bringing more skilled women and more unique art into light. A look into our collection will tell you how good work speaks for itself. Enjoy!

Debjani De
Advisor (USA)

I grew up surrounded by paints and pallets. Over three generations of artists influenced my life so much so I even married one. Being a full-time software professional I never lost my deep appreciation for the truly creative. My association with byWoman came about because of this appreciation. by Woman helps many women, who’ve lost their artistic and creative identities to catering to everyday life, reconnect with their primordial artistic selves. This is a community of truly talented women who are arduously working towards conserving all forms of handmade art. by Woman presents to you art from an Indian perspective. Indulge and enjoy!

Anuradha Sachidev
Content Editor and Advisor

Each person possesses individual qualities and potential. Among these creative attributes are often ignored and/or untapped for many reasons. In a world where mere visibility is considered success it is easy for genuine talent to go unnoticed and unacknowledged. At by Woman talent is seen and celebrated. Here is a team that has passionately created a platform for women skilled in handmade art to grow and progress.

Symbiosis through support is an organic practice here.

Indulge in by Woman’s specially curated works to see how it ardently preserves the heritage of and revels in handmade art.

Neha Bisht
Creative Project Coordinator

I believe that all forms of art are truly liberating and that each of us is an artist in our own way. Art gives us an opportunity to find peace and the freedom to be our raw selves in this chaotic world of sensory overload.

I believe in by Woman and its ideology; a place where technology and creativity know their places and work together to build a community of artists and art lovers. I am here to do my bit for its mission to preserve all forms of handmade art.


Nandini Roy

I am Nandini and to me creation is joy. I realized that as I grew up watching my father convert a lump of clay into a work of art. Transforming a twig, a thread or a piece of cloth into something that appeals to the eye has always fascinated me. My ideas find wings in such metamorphoses while I sit for hours bringing my imaginations to life.

by Woman has given me an identity and I feel a sense of great pride being part of something so purposeful as unifying a treasure trove of talented women under one roof.

Monisha Singhal

I am Monisha Singhal, an evolving artist. It all started as a passive interest which soon became a passion. My increasing interest in art and pursuit of excellence helped me qualify in Western Art from NAFA, Singapore, and in Fine Arts from India. It was during these years that I dabbled in various media like oil, acrylic, charcoal, etc. and explored different genres like realism, portraiture, landscapes and abstraction. This process was instrumental in getting opportunities to exhibit my work to a large audience in both domestic and international stages.

Gayathry D.

I am Gayathry, I hold an M.F.A degree in painting and I am a professional watercolour artist with an experience of over 20 years. My paintings have a distinct style that captures nature. My brushes bring life to villages, markets, temples and cultural artifacts. My bright artworks will either bring back nostalgic thoughts of your local villages or stimulate new ideas for art lovers from urban places.

I use this medium to communicate to Mother Nature and convey my feelings by emphasizing light and dark tones and by weaving unique effects into my imaginations.

by Woman was a friend’s recommendation and I am glad to have found such a thriving women-focused community. I see my artworks presented beautifully, which adds to my joy.

Riya Kuchhal

I am Riya and I find art peaceful. My passion for art developed with constant practice and intensified with each brush stroke I made. Drawing fuelled my imagination and soon this passion also became an escape from reality. Later I went on to get a diploma in Fine Art. I work mostly with acrylics and oil and you will find that a lot of who I am goes into what I create.

by Woman is a great way to launch a full-time art career. I look forward to this journey.

Aparna Garg

I'm Aparna, a self-taught artist, educator and travel-lover based in Mumbai. We all need inspiration and passion and painting gives me them. I am especially fond of watercolours and when I paint I feel all else around me disappear; I feel one with the process and the paper.

I try to find artistic expressions in my everyday experiences, which you will see in my unique compositions as each is created using different techniques and vibrant colour palettes. Each composition tells a story. I seek to evolve as an artist and tell more stories through my work.

Deepa Anand

I am Deepa and I celebrate art. Every time I start anew I know each stroke will be spontaneous and end up surprising me in the end. I love using different materials and combine different colours and mediums in my work. I push myself to create unique compositions with unlikely colour combinations and organic brush strokes to give a visually stimulating end product.

I am also inspired by nature and most of my techniques are a result of observing the seamless flow of nature around me. Painting provides a sense of calm and inner peace for me and I hope that my work evokes a similar sense in the viewer.

Kayalvizhi Sethukarasu

I am Kayalvizhi and I graduated in BVA Applied Arts from Pondicherry. My ambitious nature and determination can be seen in my creations in which I explore every aspect of the village lifestyle and environment of India. My thoughts are wired to each of my brush strokes as they strive to paint the authenticity of village life and honor it through a narrative of abstract landscapes. When the world looked to the West I explored my roots to understand my cultural inheritance, passed down by generations in our villages, and depict them through my works.

My collections are cataloged with life at peace, in purity and serenity of villages engulfed in exotic greenery. The genuineness of a village and its originality are depicted with minute detailing in my artworks.

by Woman has given me a beautiful opportunity to showcase my artworks to the world. I am keen to explore more with art and art lovers and am happy to be part of their mission.

Anuradha Sachidev

I am Anuradha Sachidev, a proudly self-taught artist based in Bangalore, India. I’ve found that in my most elemental frame of mind creating art becomes an inevitability.

I strive for balance and beauty; beauty in patterns, in colours and in the various perfections and imperfections that come with a sincerely handmade piece of art.

Over many years my work has taught me acceptance-that any creative journey could often produce surprising yet satisfying results.

Art is my way of giving good and beauty back to the world. And who better than by Woman to enable that! My faith in community, humanity and art is reinforced when I see genuine women supporting other genuine women by celebrating their creations. I hope you find a piece that deeply resonates with you and gives you joy. Cheers.

Deeksha Chauhan

I am Deeksha, a zoophilist and self-taught artist. Deeksha means initiation and a personal loss made me, an electronics engineer, take a leap of faith and become a self-taught wildlife artist; an initiation into a new life if you will. I am dedicated to animal care and I work hard to bring focus on it through my art.

by Woman is empowering me by encouraging my art and mission and I stand by its mission. This is a community of natural creators and I take pride in being part of it.

Smita Nandgaonkar

I am Smita and I am passionate about art. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to be able to transfer beautiful landscapes and pictures onto canvas. Someone once said an artist never completes their art, they simply abandon it. I believe in this as each piece teaches me something before I move on to the next. I am happy to be working with by Woman. This is an empowering platform to showcase artworks to worldwide customers. I sincerely hope to grow together.

Paulami Ghosh

I am Paulami and I am a passionate artist, writer and educator trying to maneuver through life as compassionately and creatively as possible. Art has always been my coping mechanism thereby making my art adventures a therapeutic outlet. I find creating art an introspective process that helps me delve a little deeper into my own thought processes and philosophical inclinations.

Bold colours and strokes mark my work. I like to ‘sweep’ my paintings, to give them a fragmented feel where lines don’t connect and colours contrast. I aim to impart a sense of beauty and joy with my fragmented figures and scenes and want to emphasize that the desire to achieve perfection and the absolute is both bleak and beautiful. I believe art has a purpose. To experience the magnificence of our own senses, perception and understanding is the ultimate goal of art.

I would like to explore more of the feminine dimension in art with by Woman by integrating Indian myth, culture and gender experience in my work. I am proud to be an integral part of this incredible movement which not only empowers women but also reinforces the culture of handmade.

Manisha Fotani

I am Manisha, a textile-design graduate from Chhattisgarh and I love handmade art. Growing up I have seen my family create exquisite pieces by hand from scratch; it is no wonder I chose to follow a career in a similar field.

I have a deep interest in fibre art and explore this art form using different materials to create contemporary fibre-art pieces. Each piece is a summation of my experiences and imagination. I constantly learn and evolve with each artwork I make.

I am happy to be part of by Woman and grateful to them for helping my work reach a greater audience worldwide.

Tripti Prasad

I am Tripti and for me art is a way to escape the real world for a while. I work with acrylics and am inspired by landscapes the most. Themes and elements from the natural world are predominant in my work, like the countryside, mountains, meadows, the seaside and lakes, inspired by my childhood in a picturesque town surrounded by lakes and mountains.

by Woman has given me a platform to take my art to the world by exposing it to a bigger audience. I am happy to be associated with by Woman and welcome you to join us on this creative journey.

Ruchi Agrawal

I am Ruchi and I love to paint. I am a fashion designer by qualification; an artist by choice. I was always inclined towards fine arts and later pursued it as a hobby to find true happiness in it. I left the glamorous world of fashion and dived into the colourful world of art.

I am a spiritual individual and my work mirrors it. You will also find my work reflects my religious beliefs, faith, love and devotion; it is my way of respecting all creation.

Dipanwita Biswas

I am Dipanwita and I find art therapeutic. I am inspired by my family and other artists. Hyper-realism especially fascinates me and I try my best to master that art form. Making art gives me confidence, contentment and allows me to be myself in my private space while acknowledging my creative spirit.

My biggest pride is my identity as an artist and I am grateful to by Woman for helping me flaunt it to the world. I am happy to be part of it as it scales new heights in the field of handmade art.

Alakananda Banerjee

I am Alakananda and I find art contemplative. I started my artistic journey in the lap of nature in Haridwar. Mother nature has been the greatest source of inspiration for my work. Every time I look at life and need guidance I feel that nature has the simplest explanation to offer. It does not manipulate; it is simple. I often quote da Vinci: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With my work I try to bridge the gap between humankind and nature.

I sincerely believe that by Woman is for artists who want their art to the reach the world and I am grateful for being a part of it. I enjoy expressing my dreams and perceptions of beauty through my art on this platform.

Sneha Rao

I am Sneha and art is a retreat for me. As an architect art has always been a way to briefly break away from my professional life. Although I’ve been painting for many years it became a passion only after I forayed into architecture. My work depicts urban surroundings, people, mundane street activities and flora and fauna.

I primarily work with watercolours, acrylics, fluid acrylics and inks although I also incorporate materials like cement, sand and jute. I document buildings and city activities to participate in the well-known Inktober challenge and generally find creating art very fulfilling.

Smriti Sudhan Rakesh

I am Smriti and I find art very educative. With each piece I learn and evolve. I primarily work with graphite, charcoal and acrylics and you will find my artwork is an intersection of abstraction and portraiture. My sole aim is to convey the delight I feel while creating a piece to the viewer.

I am thankful to by Woman for providing such a beautiful platform for showcasing my work and for inspiring women artists.

Shivangi Dwivedi

I am Shivangi and I find painting most engaging. I believe art challenges all our sensory faculties with the sole aim of expressing beauty, emotion, imagination and skill. I use my textile-designing skills in my work by incorporating various fibers, textures and media.

My range of work includes nudes, women-centered themes, abstraction and minimalism that uses a colourful palette and textiles. What is often observed in my work is a controlled but dynamic sense of movement.

While I experiment and explore art I am happy to be associated with by Woman as this a great platform to grow as an artist.