Welcome to our newly launched YouTube channel!

bW Chronicles

We welcome you all to visit our newly launched YouTube channel!

This channel is in continuation to our team working to appreciate and support artists in their art journey. We are a team of passionate women artists and art guardians who are deeply committed to making their lives better with our curated content. We understand that marketing and monetizing art is challenging. It’s hard to keep oneself updated on digital tools, available art supplies, events and showcases to look out for, and the best practices around everything art. We are here to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these ever-evolving domains. And that’s not all. We find surrounding ourselves with art therapeutic and we want to include you on our journey where you’ll get an opportunity to experience art galleries, events and rare forms of art that’ll bring you joy. We look forward to your company.

Our first video is out and addresses a crucial topic of our time. It talks about achieving and maintaining financial stability particularly for those who are on a variable income like most of the artists. Financial literacy is often associated with salaried people when in actual fact it is for everyone. In this awesome collaboration between Aishwarya at The Cutting Chai (a weekly newsletter about personal finance @be_financially_woke) and Aparajita at by Woman this topic is elaborately discussed. This subject is important because financial struggle in the creative field is not mainstream talk. The content is especially curated to suit artists on a variable income. In this video you will find topics around:

1. Pricing an artwork

2. Investment schemes for artists

3. Best practices while choosing to invest

4. How to budget variable income.

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