Speedster enjoying sunset

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The artist says, "Cheetah is the fastest of all and living in the wild isn't that easy. so he has to keep running for his life.Just like him, we too hve to keep going everyday to survive. but even in that race, stopping for a little while and enjoying what we have in the moment can put you at ease just like this speedster taking some time to enjoy the setting sun before him."

Archival acrylic paint on professional-grade canvas of dimensions 24 * 36 inches (L * B, frame is not included). Varnished and ready to ship. Keep away from direct sunlight and harsh lighting. Dust occasionally with dry microfiber cloth. The framed wall decor image is for representative purpose only and not a true representation of its size.

We are  shipping this item worldwide. Kindly note that off-the-shelf items will be  delivered in 20 working days while customised orders take longer depending  on  the artist. Once your customisation  request is confirmed with the artist and   upon receipt of your valuable order you will be sent a confirmation  email along with a tracking number of the shipment.   Please get in touch with our team for any  queries relating to order  and delivery  statuses at contact@bywoman.art or track your order using the  tracking number provided.

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Each of our art piece is unique. We never replicate. But none is ever lost. If you like an artwork and it happens that it belongs to a 'by Woman' admirer, you can commission one. We guarantee a bespoke creation.

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