Sleepy's new home

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Hush, Sleepy is fast asleep inside.

Don’t you remember Sleepy? Oh, how much fun we used to have watching his honest efforts to protect Snow White and him trying to get rid of a pesky fly throughout the beautiful tale by Walt Disney.

This miniature model house by Woman takes us back to our childhood. Join your kids as they find a cosily lit corner in their room for Sleepy’s new home.

We at by Woman are enhancing the novelty of each piece by never creating a replica of any of our products.

What you own is only one in existence!

Height: 6-7 inches

Width: 6-7 inches

Care: Keep away from children below 5 years.

Avoid exposure to dust and direct contact with water or long exposure to sunlight. This will ensure long life and brilliant colours for years.

We  customer make on demand. So that you receive something handcrafted  exceptionally for you. Contact us for customisations and make sure you have  entered the ARTCODE.

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Each of our art piece is unique. We never replicate. But none is ever lost. If you like an artwork and it happens that it belongs to a 'by Woman' admirer, you can commission one. We guarantee a bespoke creation.

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