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Life in still

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The beauty of still life paintings is that they can show us a new way of looking at the ordinary objects around us. Once they are placed into a specific arrangement and then captured in paint, ink, pastel or any other medium, the object take a whole new meaning.

The objects shown in still life painting often have a specific meaning, either on personal, cultural or philosophical level. The way the objects are depicted can evoke a wide variety of emotions, depending on their arrangements and colour choices.

In this painting, the fruits, like human life, portray the transient nature related to our existence. Fresh fruits are representing fertility,  youth and abundance. This painting also has an analogous colour combination. This combination of colour gives a feeling of being complete, whole and prosperous.

Dimensions: 11 inches by 16 inches

Soft oil pastel on 160 GSM paper

Can be framed as requested.

The artwork is secured with fixative spray. It can be softly dusted with a soft brush. No wiping with cloth is advised.

Is this item customizable?

No. Sadly we are unable to customize said item. This item is available per specifications only. We gently urge you to appreciate its uniqueness. Please get in touch with our team to help you further. We will do our best to help you.

*image as creative visualisation only