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"I love mirrors!", she said. "I love my reflection when I see it  on different shapes and sizes of mirrors as I walk past them. You will find at least a dozen mirrors at home. Each of them signify something. One takes me back to the holiday in Greece, one takes me back to the trade fair in New Delhi. This one is special. This takes me back to my days I spent chatting with the woman artist back in the day. She would sit with a basket of tools  and jute and threads and beads. She would spend hours weaving and creating these beautiful mirrors. Her eyes gleaming with pride on her creation. So I  brought it home. To remind myself that beauty lies in the simplest of colors and textures, only if one is ready to see."

This mirror is for the woman who feels the same. Bring Spring home with this beautiful mirror handcrafted with pure Jute.

We at by Woman are enhancing the novelty of each piece by never creating a replica of any of our products.

What you own is only one in existence!

Diameter: 16 inches.

Care: Keep away from dust and avoid direct contact with water or long exposure to sunlight. This will ensure long life and brilliant  colours for years.

We are shipping this item worldwide. Kindly note that off-the-shelf items will be delivered in 20 working days while customised orders take longer depending on the artist. Once your customisation request is confirmed with the artist and upon receipt of your valuable order you will be sent a confirmation email along with a tracking number of the shipment. Please get in touch with our team for any queries relating to order and delivery statuses at or track your order using the tracking number provided.

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Each of our art piece is unique. We never replicate. But none is ever lost. If you like an artwork and it happens that it belongs to a 'by Woman' admirer, you can commission one. We guarantee a bespoke creation.

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