The Story Behind 'by Woman'

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My career kicked off as a researcher at the Reserve Bank of India in Fort, Mumbai, taking a 90-degrees turn to corporate as a co-founder of what we believe to be the next tech unicorn. Being the youngest in an ultra-tech start-up transformed me in an unfathomable way. It’s obvious that my day and night revolves around top notch engineers, and it fuelled my fascination towards the tech-enabled future we are all embarked upon.


Contrastingly, it concerned me when I observed the declining human intervention in jobs (in certain sectors and roles where we have mass employment) that’s leading to an increasingly unemployed workforce. ART for example, has a new competitor, Artificial Intelligence (AI). As developments in AI become unstoppable, it raises a very difficult question; what will be the role of us humans, what will remain with us to contribute to art? 


ART has been used to express thoughts and emotions since time immemorial. ART exists in every creation where a human is involved. And that must be so. Though we have been using technological scaffolding to go beyond our biological limitations to create things, creativity has always been an input of humans and machines have always been the impetus.

This perplexity led to the birth of ‘by Woman’

I firmly believe that pure handcraft should be a part of everyone’s lives, as a reminder that creativity is something every human being is bestowed with. That attribute we cannot give away to the machines!


‘by Woman’ is a women-led initiative launched in October 2020 that aims to preserve the rich heritage of the handmade. We are strongly women-focused, with a team of vibrant women ART-guardians and extraordinary women artists from nine states of India, growing every month. We are bringing to the world a range of unique artworks taken directly from the hands of the woman artist. We say no machine-made!

‘by Woman’ exists because of my mother. I grew up watching her incredibly immersed while she would handcraft beautiful pieces. My father, younger sister and I would spend hours roaming room to room in our little apartment thinking which wall it could be placed. There are millions of such fathers and sons and daughters who see their wives and mothers and daughters create magic with their hands, every day.

'by Woman’ is for them- a wall in the room of the world to showcase their talent.


We’re looking for affiliates, women who resonate our ideology, to join us and help the women artists get the much-deserved recognition. We are constantly in search of women artists across India. Write to us if you think you’re one of us:

We are strongly women-focused, with a team of vibrant women ART-guardians and extraordinary women artists

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